Soya Keema Curry......|

My first recipe posting is Soya (Chunk & granules ) Special--

                                                        SOYA KEEMA CURRY-


Prep.time-15min. cook time 20 min.
Soya Keema Curry
Soya Keema Curry
Ingredients- ½ cup soya chunks (soaked & grind)
½ cup chopped tomato
½ cup capsicum                  
¼ cup fresh or frozen green peas
1 chopped onion
1 finally chopped green chilly
1 tsp. garam masala powder
¼ tsp. turmeric powder
2 tsp. cashew paste
Some dry spices-
1 bay leaf
2-3 green cardamoms
¼ sahi jeera
2-3 cloves
1” cinnamon stick.


1-      To make soya keema, soak soya chunks or  granules in hot water till they soften, discard the water and rinse in cold water , and squeeze off the excess water.

2-      Grind the soya chunk and keep aside .

3-      Heat a pan with oil, add bay leaf, cinnamon,cardamom,sahi jeera and saute.

4-      Add onion , and fry till golden.

5-      Add ginger garlic paste and fry till raw smell goes away.

6-      Add tomatoes, salt and turmeric, fry till tomatoes turn fully mushy .

7-      Add red chilly powder fry a minute.

8-      Add ground soya, green peas, and capsicum and fry for 4-5 minutes
9-      Pour some water to bring to the consistency you desire

10-   When it come to a boil, add amchur powder, garam masala.

11-   And now add the cashew paste. Cook till it comes to a desired consistency.

12-   Off the heat  and garnish  with green coriander leaves .

13-   Served with steamed rice or paratha.