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BESAN KE LADOO............

Besan ladoos are rich, sweet dessert-snack made from gently roasted besan.  Besan Ladoos can be served any time of the day.
Serve- 14-16 ladoos Cooking Time- 30-40 min.
Ingredients- §1 ½  cups gram flour (besan) §2 tablespoons semolina  or sooji §½  cup unsalted melted butter (ghee) §¾  cups sugar §4 tbspn sliced almonds §¼  teaspoons cardamom powder §Chopped Pista or nuts for garnishing
Put the besan (gram flour), sooji, and melted butter in a large frying pan and mix.
Turn the stove on to medium heat and begin to roast the basen mixture until besan becomes light golden brown in color.  Stir the mixture continuously with a spatula to prevent burning.
When the color has changed you will also start to smell the sweetness of roasted besan. This should take about 7 - 10 minutes.
Remove the pan from the heat and let the besan cool to a warm temperature. don’t let it become to room temperature.
While the mixture is warm add and mix cardamom seeds, almonds, and sugar.
To make the ladoos, take ab…


Besan ki barfi..........Make this favorite sweet at home with very simple ingredient, besan, ghee and sugar .
2 cups (240 gm) besan
1 cup sugar ½  tbspn cardamom powder
½  cup  (240 gm) ghee Nuts for  garnishing
Place a non-stick frying pan on stove and let it heat on low flame.
Add ghee and let it melt,  Add  besan and stir fry until it gives out aroma. Ensure that it does not change its color.

 Blend well to mixture in pan  and make sure that the mix does not form lumps.
 Add sugar and water and mix well.  Remove from heat and stir in cardamom powder.
 Grease  some oil on the bottom and sides of a large tray or thali.
  Pour the mixture and spread out to measure one  inch thick.
Sprinkle nuts to garnish.
 Allow the mixture to cool and set.
Cut into small squares or diamonds and serve.

You can store these besan barfi to 8-10 days.

Aloo Tikki with besan better.....

Aloo Tikki with besan better serve this delicious recipe as a starter or can be serve at tea-time with the sauce or chutney of your choice.
In Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra this recipe is called Batata Vada. In south, it is called Potato Bonda.
Preparation Time: 20 mins  Cooking Time: 25 mins  Seve- 2-3 person
½  kg Boiled mashed Potato 1 ½  cups besan 1 ½  tspn chopped green chilli ½ Red chilli powder ½  cup chopped onions 1 tspn roasted jeera powder 1 tspn  chat masala Pinch of turmeric powder 2 tspn rice flour Salt to taste Oil for deep frying
Boiled and mash the potatoes in a bowl, keep aside.
Add chopped onion, green chilli, jeera powder, chat masala and some salt  in mashed potato and mix well keep aside.
Take the besan in deep bowl add some salt, a pinch of turmeric powder  red chilli powder rice flour and add some water and mix well for make a slightly  thick better.


It is a quick and easy to make for breakfast. This is also great evening snack with a cup of tea.
The cheela comes out best when generously roasted with oil. You can add fresh grated more veggies like beans, cauliflower, corn and cheese for new  Innovation.
Preparation Time- 15 min. Cooking  Time- 15 min. Serve- 3-4 person
besan--2 cups 
onions-finely chopped- 3 medium
Capsicum chopped finally 1 medium
spinach- chopped finely- 1 cup
Tomato-finally chopped 1 cup
green coriander-, finely chopped
to taste
green chillies-finely chopped- According to taste.

    Mix the basen and  all chopped veggies in a bowl.
    Add saltm coriander leaves and green chilli.
   Add enough water to make a dosa-consistency paste.
   Heat a non-stick tawa.
   Pour some Oil the heat tawa.
   Pour one big ladle of the batter for chilla.
   Add oil as per taste.
Let cook on high to medium flame