Chana Dal Paratha....

Preparation Time- 30-40 min.
Cooking Time- 30-40 min.
Serving- 3-4 person
Chana Dal Paratha


For dough-

 2 cups wheat flour
1 cup water or as per required
1or 2 tabspn oil or ghee
Salt as per taste

For Stuffing-

1 cup chana dal/Bengal gram (overnight soaked)
2 cups water
3 -5 garlic piece
2-3 green chilli
1 pinch of asafetida
½ spn jeera
¼ spn garam masala
½ tspn amchur powder( optional)
Finally chopped coriander leaves
Oil or ghee for frying paratha


Take a bowl and mix the flour with salt and oil or ghee.

Mix everything properly and the add water then begin to knead the dough.

Add more water and continue to knead. The dough should become soft and smooth.

Preparation for stuffing-

Soak the Chana dal overnight or for 3-4 hours.

Take a pressure heat and pour the 1 spoon oil, add the cumin seed let it crackers.  

After that add one pinch of asafetida, garlic, green chilli, garam masala and amchur powder (optional).

All ingredients roast for 2-3 min. now add 1cup of water.

Pressure cook for 1-2 whistles, the chana dal should be cook well.

Check no any moisture in chana dal , let the chana dal cool.

After room temperature cooling mash properly chana dal and make a fine mixture/feeling for stuffing.

Take a pinch a medium sized ball from the dough, first roll it well your palms then on dusted flour, roll it out to a small circle with a rolling pin.

Now add the spiced chana dal mixture/filling in the centre of the rolled out dough and bring the edges together and join them in the center.

Now by applying pressure with your fingers press the edges down and make a neat stuffed ball, make sure there are no tears or cracks.

Dust a some powder in rolling board or surface, roll the stuffed dough ball with a rolling pin gently, make sure the chana dal paratha do not break, although some chana dal pieces might come out.

Dust more flour if required. Roll it into a size of a normal roti or chapatti.

Put the chana dal paratha on a heat tawa, roast the chana dal with oil or ghee.

Roast both the sides of the paratha till crispy and brown spots and it is fried well.

Now your chana dal paratha is ready for serve.

Serve with some pickle or any green chutney and curd.