Sattu ka Paratha

Sattu Ka Paratha-  Sattu Ka Paratha is most nutritious paratha and its very  easy to make.
Preparation Time- 15min.
Cooking Time- 15 min.
Serve- 4 person

Satuu ka Paratha


§  Wheat flour 200gm.
§  Sattu100gm (roasted gram flour)
§  Chopped Onion1 
§  Chopped Ginger and garlic 1 tbspn
§  Chopped Coreinder leaves 2 tbspn
§  Chopped green chilli 3-4

§  Lemon juice 2 tbspn.
§  Ajwain 1 tespn
§  Musterd oil 1 tespn (as required)
§  Ghee or oil ( for roasting)


Take wheat flour, add one teaspoon ghee or oil, one pinch salt and ½ teaspoon ajawain.

Add the required water and knead the dough. Keep the dough to rest for 10 minutes.
Take a bowl add the chopped  ginger and garlic. Finely chopped onion and green chili.  Now add sattu (roasted gram flour), lemon juice. Mustard oil. Salt. ajwain and coriander leaves.

Mix all the ingredients properly  into the sattu. The filling is ready.

Make small balls from the dough. Prees it to make it dish shaped.

Put the filling over the dough dishes and close its opening.

Roll over it to make round sattu ka paratha.

Roast it over the hot tawa. Grease the ghee or oil while you bake it. Turn the sattu ka paratha to cook from both the sides.

Sattu ka paraths is ready to serve.

Serve with Tomato chutney or curd.