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Bread Paneer Roll

                        BREAD PANEER ROLL- Preparation Time-15 min. Cooking Time -10 min. Serve-3-4  Person
·1 tsp oil ·6-8 Bread Slices ·1 Cup Crumbled Paneer ·¼ tsp cumin/ jeera ·¼ tsp ginger garlic paste ·¼ tsp red chili powder ·2 pinches of garam masala powder ·Pinch of turmeric ·Salt as needed ·¼ cup of green peas ·1 tbsp butter for brushing

Kadai Paneer

                        Kadahi Paneer
You can skip using garlic and onion and make a no onion no garlic kadai Paneer.
Preparation Time-10min. Cooking Time- 20min. Serve 3-4 person
·1 ½ cup paneer ·2 onions cubed (optional)  1 cup  chopped Tomatoes ·¾ cup cubed capsicums (green or red or both) ·1 tsp ginger garlic paste or only ginger paste ·Pinch of turmeric ·1 tbspn. Dhaniya(whole) ·3 to 4 red chilies (whole)

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala recipe made easy with simple cooking, You can easily prepare without onion and  garlic also . Preparation Time -5 min. Cooking Time -25min. Serves: 4 to 5
·1 tbsp. Oil     1 Cup cubed Paneer ·    1 cubed onions, 3 medium (optional) ·3 large finely chopped tomatoes ·salt as required ·8 to 10 cashew nuts ·1 tsp. coriander powder ·½  tbspn. garam masala powder  ¾ tbspn. kashmiri red chilli powder
·1 ½ tbsp. Butter ·1 bay leaf ·3 green cardamom ·

Paneer Biryani..

                   PANEER BIRYANI- ­

Preparation Time­­­­- 15min. Cooking Time­­ -25min. Serve -3 person
·2 onions sliced thinly ·1 ½ cups  basmati rice
For Marination-
·2 tbsp. ghee (or oil) ·1¼ cup Paneer cubes ·½ cup  curd ·1 tbspn.  biryani masala powder(or garam masala powder) ·1 tbspn. ginger garlic paste ·¼ tsp turmeric powder ·½ to ¾ tsp red chili powder