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Mater Paneer

                                     MATER  PANEER
Preparation Time-10 min. Cooking Time -15min. Serve -3-4 person
To make a paste-
·2 chopped onions ·2 finally chopped tomatoes ·8 to 10 cashew nuts or 1.5 tbsp. magaz ·1 green chili(optional)
For gravy-    ·1 to 1.5 tbsp Oil ·1 ½ tsp ginger garlic paste ·½ cup green peas ·200 grms. Paneer ·2 green cardamoms ·½ tsp cumin / jeera ·1 bay leaf ·

Chilli Paneer...

                            CHILLY PANEER
Chilly Paneer is a very easy to make recipe . It is a very good starter.
Preparation Time- 8 min. Cooking Time-20 min. Serve-3 person
Sauce for seasoning ·¾ tbsp soya sauce ·½ tbsp chilli sauce( to  your taste) ·½ to 1 tsp vinegar · Ingredients-
· 200 grms paneer ·3 tbsp. corn flour ·2 pinches of pepper powder ·oil as needed ·1 tbsp. chopped garlic ·2 tbsp. chopped spring onion

Paneer Bhurji

                              Paneer Bhurji
It is very easy and quick recipe. Preparation Time-10 min. Cooking time-10 min.
·1 cup crumbled paneer ·1 ½ tsp oil or as needed ·½ tbspn cumin ·1 large onion finally chopped ·1 tbspn  ginger garlic paste ·1  tomato chopped finely (you can use puree or mashed for quick cooking) ·¼ cup  green peas ·1 pinch Turmeric ·salt to taste ·½ tsp red chilli powder ·

Paneer Makhani.........

                        Paneer  makhani- 
This recipe is made with very few ingredients and uses no onion and garlic. It is made rich with an addition of few cashews and cream.
Prep.time-5 min. Cooking time-25 min. Serve-4 person
Ingredients -
·8 to 10 cashews ·2  cups finally chopped  tomatoes ·2 cups or 200 gram Paneer ·1 tbsp. butter (solid) ·2 green cardamoms ·1 small cinnamon stick ·2 cloves ·1 green chili slit & deseeded ·¾ tsp ginger paste ·¾ to 1 ¼ tsp red chilli powder (to taste) ·salt as required ·turmeric as required ·1 to 1 ¼ tsp garam masala (to taste) ·¼ tsp kasuri methi