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Aloo Methi Tikki

Aloo Methi Tikki is extremely delicious combination of potatoes and fenugreek leaves (methi). These tikkis  are really a quick and tasty snack dish.

Preparation  Time -26-30 min. Cooking  Time -30-40 min. Serve :4

Ingradients- Methi leaves-1-1/2 cupBesan- 2 tbspnRice floor- 2 tespnBoiled potato- 2 medium sizeTurmeric powder- ½  teaspnJeera powder- ½  teaspnRed chilli powder- ½ teaspnFinally Chopped ginger ½ tespnFinally Chopped green chilli 2or 3Salt to tasteChat masala or amchoor powderOil for fryingChooped coriander leavesMethod- Wash the methi leaves very well and squeeze to take out the    sourness.
Taste the methi leaves before adding in the mixture, if  they are very soar then boil

Stuff Red Chilly Pickle..

This pickle is very common  in UP and Bihar. This pickle is best combination with daal-chawal. Some people use it to mix in sattu kachauri or Paratha.This pickle has a self life more then 2 years.

Ingredients - For ½ kg Lal Mirch Pickle 
½ kg Lal mirch 2 tbspn amchoor powder 1 tbspn lal mirch powder 3 tbspn black mustard seeds or rai 1 tbspn fennal seeds (sanuf) 1 tbspn methi dana 1 tbspn kalonji seeds 2 tbspn salt or to taste 1 tbspn jeera seeds 2 tbspn coriander seeds 1 tbspn hing or asafetida Oil for mixing masala
Always get the lightweight chilies as those will have lesser seeds would come out easily.
First wash all chilies well and let them dry, for 3-4 days.
Cut off the crown of the chilies, discarding the chilly stalk and some of the red part to make a smooth round opening at the top.
Use the sharp pointed knife hollow the chilies.
Now roast all masala accept hing, salt, amchoor powder and oil.
After roasting masalas make a coarse powder of all other ingredients except the oil and sal…

Bathua ki puri

Bathua leaves (green leafy vegetable available only in winter) is very rich of iron and calcium. Bathua leaves in the puri dough is very  helpful for  me in making my puris healthy.
Bathua is very good for health. Bathua puri can served as breakfast or as main course also.
It is very easy to make and full of taste.

Preparation Time- 10min. Cooking Time-10 min. Serve- 4-5 person

Whole wheat flour 2 cups Bathua leaves puree 1 Cups Oil 1 tbspn Kalonji ½ teaspn Green chilli finally chopped 1-2 Salt to taste