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Cabbage Kofta Curry

Cabbage kofta curry prepared with koftas of grated cabbage in gram flour and freshly ground spices and  tomato gravy. This kofta curry can be served with chapatti, steamed rice and parathas.

Prepartion Time- 20 min. Cooking Time 20 min. Serve- 4 Person

Ingredients for Cabbage Kofta Curry- For Kofta-
·Grated Cabage 200 gram.(1/2 Patta gobhi) ·Green chilli 1-2 finally chooped ·Red chlli powder ½ tespn ·Gram Flour (besan) 4-6 tbspn ·Salt to taste ·Oil for frying
For Gravy- ·2 Tomato finally chopped ·1 onion chopped ·2-3 garlic clove ·1 inch chopped Ginger ·½ tespn Red chilli powder ·2-3 tbspn Oil