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mango aur kale chane ka Achar

                     Mango and kale chane ka Pickle
This is a very quick and tasty pickle to make and this is my mother recipe.
Prepration Time- 10 min. Cooking Time- 5 min.
1 ½ cup raw mango grated ½ cup kala chana 1 tbspn turmeric powder 2 tbspn salt or to taste 1tbspn methi dana 1 tbspn saunf 1 tespn hing 1 tbspn red chili powder 1 tbspn kaluanji ½ cup mustard oil

Karele ki sabji -(bitter gaurd stir fry)

Karele ki sabji (karela stir fry) This is one of the simple recipe and easy to make karele ki sabji. This sabji taste is very good with dal-rice, chapatti or paratha.
Preparation Time- 15 min. Cooking time- 20- 25 min.
Serve- 2 person
Karela – 4-5 Onion –chopped 1medium size Whole red chilli- 2-3 Rice flour- 1 tbspn Turmeric powder 1  taspn Salt to taste Red chilli powder ½ tespn Methi seeds- ½ spn Oil for frying
To makekarele ki sabji, wash and cut the bitter gourd intoround pieces.

If you want to remove bitterness of karela then add salt and turmeric in karela and leave it 10 min. Take pieces of karela and add rice flour, turmeric, salt and red chili powder mix properly.

Heat oil in a pan and fry karela’s till little brown, keep aside.