Thursday, 22 June 2017

mango aur kale chane ka Achar

                     Mango and kale chane ka Pickle

This is a very quick and tasty pickle to make and this is my mother recipe.

Prepration Time - 10 min.
Cooking Time  - 5 min.


1 ½ cup raw mango grated
Kale chane aur mango pickle
½ cup kala chana
1 tbspn turmeric powder
2 tbspn salt or to taste
1tbspn methi dana
1 tbspn saunf
1 tespn hing
1 tbspn red chili powder
1 tbspn kaluanji
½ cup mustard oil


Take a bowl and add grated mango, salt, and turmeric powder, mix properly and keep aside for 30 min.

After 30 min. take another bowl and add  kala chana and layered  with grated  raw mango, and keep aside for overnight.

Heat  a pan and roast methi,  saunf,  kalounji, and make a coarse powder.

Now second day  take mixture of grated raw mango and  kala chana. You will see chane  properly soaked with raw mango water.

Now add powdered masala  and red chili powder,  mix properly and keep aside.

Heat mustard oil in a pan for 3-4 min. or red hot.

Remove from the flame and allow it to cool.

Once cooled, add  the oil to the prepared mixture and mix well.

Bottle the achar (pickle)  a sterilized jar and keep in sun light for 3-4 days.
After 3-4 days pickle is ready for eat.

You can serve with Puri or any type stuff  Paratha.
                                                        Grated mango and kala chana

                                                          add salt turmeric in grated mango

                               cover chana with grated mango mixture
                                          Ready for eat

Chick peas can be used instead of kala chana or Bengal gram

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