Instant Red Chili Pickle

A quick n easy recipe of instant red chili pickle with mustard and fennel seeds. Today let me share with you this pickle recipe, this is my mom recipe. This instant red chili pickle stay fresh for a 3-4 month.

Preparation time- 10 min.
Cooking Time- 5 min.
Instant red chili pickle
Type- Pickle

Fresh lal mirch 250 grm.
Mustard seed coarse powder 4 tbspn
Saunf pawder 2 tbspn
Turmeric powder 1 tespn
Amchoor powder- 1 ½ tbspn
Oil 4 tbspn
Salt to taste
Aseofotida 1 tespn

Wash the fresh red chili and in sun light for half n hour

After dry the chilis crush the all chili in chopper

Take mustard seeds and make a coarse powder in crusher or grinder, keep aside.

Take saunf and crushed in grinder or crusher, keep aside.
Take a bowl and add crushed chili, mustard powder, saunf powder,

Salt, hing, amchoor powder Turmeric powder.
Take a pan and add mustard oil for heat, allow to cool.
 After that add oil in whole mixture and mix all ingredients properly.

Take a pickle jar and fill it with red chili pickle.
You can pour more warm oil from top and leave aside for 4-5 hr.
Now instant red chili pickle is ready. You can store this pickle in air tight container or pickle jar for 3-4 month.
Serve this pickle or aachar with plain paratha, or any type of stuff paratha.
You can serve this pickle with khichadi also.