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Suva Leaves(dill Leaves) Pickle

Instant Suva Leaves(dill Leaves) Pickle-
Dill leaves or suva leaves is a very aromatic palnt. Its has a great taste with green garlic with amchoor powder. Suva leaves pickle is very tasty and easy to make pickle in winter. You can serve this Instant pickle with any type of stuff paratha or puri. This is my mother recipe.
Preparation time- 10 min. Cooking time – 10 min. Type - Pickle

1 bunch of suva (dill) leaves 1 bunch of Green garlic 50 gram green chilli 2 tbspn amchoor (dry mango) powder 1 tespn carom seed 1 tespn turmeric powder 2 tbspn salt or to taste 4 tbspn mustard oil 1 glass bottle for store
Take a one bunch of dill leaves, green garlic and green chilli and wash properly, and keep aside.

Keep in sunlight for one hour for dry.