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Kurkuri Bhindi ( crispy Lady finger)

Kurkuri Bhindi (lady finger) is a delicious and easy to make. Kurkuri bhindi (lady finger) issome spicy,and very delicious. The bhindi (okra) is marinated in spices, coated with flour, and then deep fried for a golden brown crunch. Kurkuri bhindi especially serve with chapatti or triangle paratha. Kurkuri bhindi can also be served as a snack.
Preparation time- 15 minutes Cooking time- 20 minutes Serve- 4 Person
§Approx. 250gmbhindi (okra) §Salt to taste §½ tespn cumin seed (jeera) §1 tbspn coriander powder (dhania) §1 tespn red chilipowder §½ tespn amchoor powder §¼ tespn turmeric powder (haldi)